Studying IELTS at UK

IELTS Preparation Centre

At UK we focus solely on the IELTS exam, helping you improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills with intensive and inclusive IELTS preparation courses.

We don’t believe in registration fees, and all the materials you will need to succeed on your IELTS exam are provided.

  • Sign up for your IELTS practice test so we can assess your current level
  • Find the right IELTS course to suit your schedule
  • Register your interest in IELTS prepration by visiting our offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai or Pune for a free consultation

Why study IELTS at UK?

Whether you wish to improve your IELTS for the benefit of study, employment or immigration, our flexible learning programmes offer something for everybody and our dedicated IELTS preparation courses in New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune are the ideal location for you to prepare for the IELTS exam.

  • No registration fees
  • All relevant materials provided
  • Take a practice test before joining class so we can assess your level
  • IELTS classes available Monday – Saturday, 10.00-18:30 (Thrusday Off)
  • Private one to one study
  • Private students can study any time and any day
  • A maximum class size of eight and average class size of five
  • Each lesson is 60 minutes
  • General English, EAP,  PTE and TOEFL lessons available upon request

Consisting of reading, writing, speaking and listening, our experienced IELTS training staff focus on the core areas you need to improve on with varied and exciting IELTS classes.

IELTS practice test will let our teachers assess your current English level so we can find the appropriate IELTS preparation classes for you.

There are two main courses divided into different proficiency levels:

  • 10-hour-course to be completed within a period of 30 days
  • 20-hour-course to be completed within a period of 60 days

UK IELTS Testimonials & Feedback

Our former students are happy to talk about and recommend our IELTS centre to family and friends.

  • “I took my IELTS mock exam, and the experience was comfortable and rewarding. I now know what to expect, and also where I stand and what I need to work on to improve my score. The instructor and the environment were welcoming.” Deepika Tiwari
  • “I was deeply impressed by the professional atmosphere around. The test gave me a detailed insight into what to expect from the main IELTS test. I am thankful to my instructor for pointing out my mistakes in a friendly manner.” Manasi Kaushik
  • “Thank you for the mock test. The experience was great. The test was conducted in a comfortable environment. All other facilities were great. The instructor was immensely supportive, understanding and made the entire test taking experience easy and comfortable.” Keerti Arora
  • “The session was fantastic. It helped me get to know about my weak points and was very helpful.” Tanusha Aggarwal
  • “The practice test was a good experience to judge my present ability and it gave me a helpful reflection on how to improve. The instructor was warm and helpful and the feedback given by her was very valuable.” Malika Arora
  • “I was provided all the information before I took the test and the instructor was very helpful as she explained everything about the topics. She gave a lot of information after the test and helped me in recognizing my mistakes and areas I need to work upon.” Tarun Pradhan, Manchester
  • “The IELTS Practice Test was a really helpful experience and boosted my confidence top appear for the test.” Nishtha Singhla
  • “The practice test was very helpful for me. It helped me know what are my strengths and weaknesses. The IELTS training course helped me improve my score. The teachers were very friendly and ensured that I was well acquainted with every topic. After this course, I am surely a better listener, reader, writer and speaker” Madhur Mendiratta, Queen’s Mary
  • “The practice test was quite good. Time was sufficient for all the sections. Instructions given really helped during the test. The testing room was air conditioned and all the stationery provided. So, I had no problem during the test.” Nitya Mendiratta
  • “I found the setting for the exam satisfying. The instructor was very supportive and guided me excellently. Her feedbacks and instructions were very nice.” Shreyasi Walia, Oxford
  • “The practice test was very challenging and long and it was very helpful. I got to know about my weak and strong points. The test room was perfect for the test. The instructor was brilliant. She helped me before and after the test and offered help further on in the future also. I could not have asked for long”. Aayush Anat, Bath University
  • “This was excellent experience, the conducted was also good and helped me to analyse my performance to make it better. The teachers here are very supportive and helpful. The testing room provides ideal environment for for a student who is giving test”. Rijul Kumar Singh, RVC Japan, Biology related, September
  • “The practice test gave me actual assessment of my English language skills. The Instructor did a realistic assessment of my skills and guided me how i can improve it” Aditi Bahel, SOAS/Warwick/Surrey
  • “The environment was quite comfortable.  The instructor was very good. She explained everything perfectly” Priti Sethi, Lancaster, Westminster, CAAS,LSE, July
  • “The environment was comfortable and there was no disturbance. The feedback after the test was beneficial for me and the instructor was very helpful throughout” Samica Mehta, Lancaster,  Coventry, Middlesex, July
  • “My experience regarding the practice test was really good. It helped me a lot to get to knew my English skills and how much I need to improve.  My instructor guided me well with a pleasing nature and with a cute smile. She helped me and provided me the basic information, the environment was very relaxing and I was able to complete my  task in peace” Priyanka Agarwal, Master’s in food and nutrition, GCU, Scotland
  • “The experience was awesome, the test provided with me clear picture regarding IELTS. The environment was good. The instructor was good and it was worth getting suggestions from her. She has great smile and I would like that she teaches me in the future” Karan Bansiwal, GCU, Liverpool, Sept
  • “The experience regarding the practice test was awesome. The environment of the room and quality of information provided before the test and after the test was very good. Thank you so much for helping me” Aatanika Dawan, University within London
  • “Guidance provided here has helped me a lot in many ways. They have helped me in every possible way like clearing my confusions regarding college admissions. Their practice test was amazing and atmosphere provided was something very good. Thank you” Divya Jain, London School of Fashion, Sept
  • “The mock IELTS test that I took at SI-UK helped me tremendously to gain a good score in the actual examination. My instructor gave me a comfortable environment to take the test, instilled confidence in me and most importantly gave me valuable feedback that helped me to improve my score from 7.5 in the mock to 8.5 in the actual test” Radhika, Lancaster, Coventry, Middlesex, July
  • “Everything was good from entering till leaving excepting finding the place” Jasmeet Singh, MBA
  • “It was my first time giving IELTS exams, the mode of conduction was friendly. My instructor gave me valuable feedback on the areas I need to work and made confident. I have got all valuable information required for the giving the actual exam” Ridhi Dhingra, University of Leeds, University of Southampton, September
  • “It was an amazing experience to attend the practice test conducted by your instructor. I got to learn more and the instructor helped me out in every way. She was really supportive and friendly to give a healthy atmosphere. Also, I learned my mistakes, I used to commit. So, I would like to thank SI-UK for this extravagant opportunity.” Ria Bhatia, Durham University
  • “Practice test was good. The Best thing was it was similar to IELTS pattern & Free of Cost. Instructor is very good. Testng room environment was also good. Information I was provided was very valuable and precious.” Chiranjeev Jain, University of Warwick
  • “My experience with SI-UK has been great so far. I took the IELTS mock test at their office and found the environment extremely warm and comfortable. A well-lit and quiet room was assigned for the test and my instructor Ms. Shivani was excellent as she made me feel confident and provided clear instructions. I highly recommend SI-UK as they provide good and clear guidance through thorough professionals.” (Sanchita Pathak, London School of Economics)
  • “My experience for the IELTS practise test at SI-UK was really helpful. The instructor explained me about the test and its rules and made me comfortable. The environment was calm and helped me to concentrate more and after the commencement of the test she helped to notice my weak points and areas i need to work on.” (Sneha Samaddar, SOAS)
  • “Tests bring out the areas where students need to work on. The counsellors are really helpful; they highlighted my mistakes and made me see the aspects that are pulling me back from excelling. I would rate the overall process of conducting and scrutinizing the exam as exquisite and very informative. The process also makes a student feel confident and look at things from a different perspective. In a few words… it was a fun loving experience!” (Manshweta Kuniyal, Bournemouth University)
  • “With very little knowledge about the IELTS and how it is carried out, Iwas guided with great precision.This guidance was not only a boost on my confidence, but also a great practice giving me an essence of what it would be like on my main test day. The ambience in terms of technical support as well as infrastructure and counselling support has been very efficient and helpful. I am greatful to have been attended by a great team.” (Sukriti Kumar, Arts University Bournemouth)
  • “I was very happy with the instructor. She explained aspects about the PTE that I was unaware of and helped me increase my scores for all the modules in the PTE.” (Zareen Rizwan, East London University)
  • “The whole procedure was very helpful. The teacher gave me clear instructions and she was very encouraging.” (Ankita Goyal, Anglia Ruskin University)
  • “I indeed appreciate the services and personal attention I was given by the instructor” (Aakriti Arora, Undecided University)

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