Top Medical Colleges In India

“There are 599 Medical Colleges offering MBBS course in India.

And, 299 Medical colleges are offering MD MS courses in India.

Medical Colleges in India are classified into 3 categories:

1) Government Colleges:

It includes colleges such as AIIMS, Central Universities & others established by the Indian or state government.

2) Private Colleges:

It includes colleges under state recognized private universities established under a trust or society.

3) Deemed Medical Universities:

It includes medical colleges recognized by University Grant Commission for MBBS & MD MS courses.

Medical Colleges

Deemed medical colleges in India

There are 39 Deemed Medical universities offering MBBS & PG courses in India.

Most of the Deemed Medical universities are located in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Maharashtra.

1) Karnataka Deemed Medical University: 9 Medical Institutions

2) Maharashtra Deemed Medical Universities: 10 Medical Institutions

3) Tamil Nadu Deemed Medical Universities: 12 Medical Institutions

Private Medical Colleges in India

There are 230 Private Medical Institutions spread all over India.

Most of the Private Medical Institutions prefer domicile students of the state for admission.

Majority of Private Medical Colleges are located in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu & Uttar Pradesh.

1) Karnataka Private Medical Institutions: 50% of seats are reserved for All India students.

2) Maharashtra Private Medical Institutions: Only for Maharashtra domicile students.

3) Tamil Nadu Private Medical Institutions: Only for Tamil Nadu domicile students.

4) Uttar Pradesh Private Medical Institutions: All India students can apply for admission

Deemed Universities & Private MBBS Colleges

There is a big difference between the MBBS seats in India compared to the number of students who appear for the NEET exam.

If You wish to become MBBS doctors, private & deemed medical institute is the only option available with a less score in the entrance exam.

Getting MBBS seats in government colleges is only possible if You score more than 500 marks in the NEET exam.

To get admission in Private & Deemed medical universities, You need to pay high annual college tuition fee or donation to get an MBBS seat.

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Deemed Universities & Private PG Medical Colleges

The demand for MD MS seats is very huge among the MBBS doctors in India.

The number of MD MS seats in India is very less as compared to the number of aspirants who appear in the NEET PG Exam.

Private & Deemed Medical institutes offering PG courses demand high annual tuition fee especially for Clinical MD MS specialization.

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Karnataka Private & Deemed Medical Universities

Medical Colleges in Bangalore, Karnataka has the highest number of seats for MBBS, MD MS courses.

More than 20% of MBBS & MD MS seats in Private Medical institutions of Karnataka are available under NRI & Management Quota.

After qualifying the NEET entrance exam, You can join Private Medical institutions in Karnataka to study MBBS or MD MS program.

Deemed Medical universities in Karnataka conducts stray counseling to fill vacant MBBS & MD MS seats after MCC mop up round counseling.

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