People’s Friendship University, Moscow, Russia

Study MBBS in People’s Friendship University, Moscow, Russia



Peoples Friendship University of Russia is one of the premiere and leading higher educational institutions in Russia. Indian students who prefer to study in Russia prefer this university among the top medical universities in Russia.

This is the only university in the whole world where students from 140 countries study. While MBBS in People’s friendship university of Russia is the mostly preferred, there are other courses in other departments preferred by foreign students.

This is the most versatile university and the multi profile structure with faculties in all subjects and majors inviting students from all parts of the world.

Many MBBS students from this university became public figures, scholars, research faculties, scientism and international faculties.

After the first fifty years of its existence, People’s Friendship University of Russia became a reputed academic and research center at the global level.  It has become one of the top five Russian universities for medical research.


It is located in the Moscow City, Russia.

Courses Offered

The university offers degree, post graduation and doctoral programs in 14 different fields.

  • Medical Doctor Degree MD  –  6 years of Study full time , inclusive of one year rotational training
  • Master of Dentistry – 5 years full time
  • Master of Pharmacy – 5 years full time
  • Master’s Degree – 2 years of study after B.Sc. graduation

MD degree offered by this university is recognized as MBBS in India and other countries.

Admission Procedure

It is very easy to get admission to study MBBS for Indian students in this university. There is no requirement for entrance exam or pre qualifying exams to study MBBS. With minimum qualifying marks, no entrance exams and basic knowledge in English, it is easy to secure direct admission in this top medical university.

Admission to MBBS in International School of Medicine is very straightforward. With all requisite documents, application form and fee, the students can apply for MBBS.

  • Completion of higher secondary school or intermediate education, which is equivalent to secondary education.
  • 50 % minimum marks, in the science stream.
  • Proof of paying capacity.
  • Medical examination certificate

Deadline for enrolment of international students is from September to February every year.


  • The university offers 15 best accommodated apartments on campus for international students. According to their needs they offer single and double bedrooms with all facilities includes washing room, water heater, air conditioner, Internet, telephone, furniture and other necessary things.
  • Best university among top rated universities in Russia with rapid development which leads to hail the name as “The epitome of the development of Russia’s higher education”.
  • The teaching and student strength in University includes 3000+ full time teaching faculty.
  • Sufficient library resources, thousands of books, digital sources, satellite technologies, video and audio learning sources extends advanced knowledge to the medical students.
  • The university offers its own transport facilities for all students in the campus. Travelling around the city is easy for the students.

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