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About Us- Study MBBS in Pangasinan State University

Pangasinan State University is a public university. Its main campus is located in Lingayen, Pangasinan, with satellite campuses in Alaminos, San Carlos, and Urdaneta, along with the municipalities of Asingan, Bayambang, Binmaley, Infanta, and Santa Maria. The main campus was established in 1979. It is officially accredited and recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd).

Home to over 20,000 students, PSU strives to develop its programs to be innovative, globally competent, of high principle and moral value, and capable of catering to the needs of the industry, public service, and civil society. By 2020, it envisions itself to be an ASEAN Premier State University.

Pangasinan State University provides instruction in technology, business, and agriculture, as well as in the arts and natural sciences. It offers pre-bachelor, bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees in the following fields: Arts and Humanities, Business and Social Sciences, Engineering, and Science and Technology. An established Open University System offers masters and doctorate degrees in Education, Aquaculture, Agriculture and Development Management. They also offer a PSU Expanded Tertiary Education, Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) for fields such as education, agriculture, fisheries, technology, and development management.

On February 2017, PSU was ranked as the 7th top performing state university, outstanding among 110 SUCs. It is recognized and accredited by the Accrediting Agency for Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines, Inc. (AACCUP) and the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities Accrediting Agency, Inc. (ACSCU-AAI).

Pangasinan State University Facts:

  • PSU is one of the sought-after universities in the Philippines, ranking 58th in the country’s Most Popular Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).
  • PSU showed its excellence by ranking fifth in the Civil
  • Engineering Licensure Exam in 2016, joining the country’s top universities.
  • PSU is the first in its region to be ISO 9001:2015 certified – a quality management system in the institution.

Programs & Courses :

Choosing the right program can help you set your future goals and visualize where you want to be. Whether you want to be an engineer, a teacher, an accountant, or you want to level up in your profession, making yourself informed with the right choices will surely back you up in the future. Are you ready to map your career with Pangasinan State University – Main Campus? Make the best decision in choosing the right path for you, click through the list of programs offered by Pangasinan State University – Main Campus below:


  • Engineering

    •  Bachelor in Industrial Technology – Auto-Diesel Technology (Ladderized Program)
    •  Bachelor in Industrial Technology – Ceramics Technology (Ladderized Program)
    •  Bachelor in Industrial Technology – Civil Technology (Ladderized Program)
    •  Bachelor in Industrial Technology – Drafting Technology (Ladderized Program)
    •  Bachelor in Industrial Technology – Electrical Technology (Ladderized Program)
    •  Bachelor in Industrial Technology – Food Technology (Ladderized Program)
    •  Bachelor in Industrial Technology – Garments Technology (Ladderized Program)
    •  Bachelor in Industrial Technology – Machine Shop Technology (Ladderized Program)
    •  Bachelor of Industrial Technology

Education Science and Teacher Training

  •  Bachelor of Education
  •  Bachelor of Secondary Education – Industrial Technology
  •  Bachelor of Secondary Education – English
  •  Bachelor of Secondary Education – Filipino
  •  Bachelor of Secondary Education – Home Management and Technology
  •  Bachelor of Secondary Education – Physical Science
  •  Bachelor of Secondary Education – Social Studies
  •  Bachelor of Technology in Teacher Education


  •  Bachelor of Science in Mathematics – CIT
  •  Bachelor of Science in Mathematics – Statistics
  •  Bachelor of Science in Mathematics – Pure

Business Administration and Related

  •  Bachelor of Science in Business Management


Agricultural, Forestry, and Fisheries

  •  Master of Science in Agriculture – Crop Science
  •  Master of Science in Agriculture – Farming Systems

Education Science and Teacher Training

  •  Doctor of Education – Guidance and Counseling
  •  Doctor of Education – Mathematics
  •  Doctor of Education – Educational Management
  •  Doctor of Education – Guidance and Counseling
  •  Doctor of Education – Mathematics
  •  Master of Arts in Education – Computer Education
  •  Master of Arts in Education – Sciences and Education
  •  Master of Arts in Education – Communication Arts (English)
  •  Master of Arts in Education – Communication Arts (Filipino)
  •  Master of Arts in Education – Instructional Leadership
  •  Master of Arts in Education – Mathematics
  •  Master of Arts in Education – Science Education
  •  Master of Arts in Education – Special Education
  •  Master of Arts in Education – Technology and Home Economics

Business Administration and Related

  •  Master in Development Management – Local Government and Regional Administration


  •  Doctor of Philosophy – Development Studies


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