Study MBBS in Southwestern University, Philippines

MBBS in Southwestern University, Philippines

Study Abroad

Southwestern’s Office of Intercultural Learning takes a holistic approach to off-campus study by preparing and supporting students to live and learn in a new culture setting. Exposure to different ideas and perspectives is an integral part of the Southwestern Experience.

Southwestern Study Abroad
Adventure. Experiences. Ideas. Perspectives.

Welcome to the Office of Intercultural Learning at Southwestern University. Our office plays a dual role of advising current Southwestern students on study abroad opportunities and advising international students studying at Southwestern University.

Adventure Awaits

Whether you know where you want to study or are open to new ideas, we invite you to learn more about our programs and talk with our staff, who can help you to determine which adventure is right for you. We have an on-site Resource Room full of helpful information, and can likely get you in touch with current students or alumni who studied in or near the same location.

Study Abroad Application Deadlines
  • Fall Semester Study Abroad: March 1st
  • Spring Semester Study Abroad: October 1st
  • Summer Term Study Abroad: February 1st

Study Abroad Programs

SU Student Fehima Dawy in Mumbai India

SU Student Fehima Dawy in Mumbai India

Study Abroad Opportunities at Southwestern University

Southwestern Programs are typically SU faculty-led and students are in class with their fellow SU peers. SU partners with a program provider to run the logistics of the program, but courses are, in most cases, taught by SU faculty.

Southwestern University currently runs the following study abroad programs:

• SU Buenos Aires

• SU Cuzco

• SU Granada

• SU London

• SU European Cultural Exploration


Additionally, Southwestern runs the following domestic, off-campus study programs:

• SU New York Arts

• SU Washington, D.C.


SU-Approved Study Abroad Program Providers

Program providers are organizations that facilitate study abroad for college students. In essence, they serve as the liaison between the U.S. university and the foreign institution while simultaneously providing support to the student. While there are numerous program providers out there, SU approves a specific set of organizations for semester/full academic year study abroad plus a specific set of additional organizations for summer term study abroad.

Program Providers

Many students find that the Southwestern programs do not fit their academic and cultural interests. To serve these students, the Office of Intercultural Learning maintains a listing of approved study abroad program providers.  Program providers are organizations that facilitate study abroad for college students. In essence, they serve as the liaison between the U.S. university and the foreign institution while simultaneously providing support to the student.  These approved program providers offer high-quality education abroad programs which are approved for transfer credit by Southwestern University.  A wide variety of locations, types of experience, and curricula are available through the programs of these approved providers.


Cortney Graves

Intercultural Learning Coordinator




Approved Program Providers

  • Alliance for Global Education
  • API — Academic Programs International
  • Arcadia University — College of Global Studies
  • Augsburg University — Center for Global Education and Experience
  • BCA — Brethren Colleges Abroad
  • Central College Abroad
  • CET Academic Programs
  • CIEE — Council on International Education Exchange
  • CYA — College Year in Athens
  • DIS: Study Abroad in Scandinavia
  • HECUA — Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs
  • IES — Institute for the International Education of Students
  • IFSA-Butler — Institute for Study Abroad – Butler University
  • ISEP — International Student Exchange Programs
  • University of Minnesota – Learning Abroad Center
  • OTS — Organization for Tropical Studies
  • SEA Semester
  • SFS — School for Field Studies
  • SIT — School for International Training
  • Spanish Studies Abroad


Additional Approved Program Providers for Summer Study Abroad

  • AIFS — American Institute for Foreign Study
  • ISA — International Studies Abroad

International Studies

The Southwestern International Studies program is designed for students interested in understanding other cultures and the global systems—economic, social, religious, intellectual, political, aesthetic and environmental—that influence them and, in turn, the world.

International Studies

An increasingly global society calls for an increasingly global citizenry. As technology expands our reach, and both culture and commerce move beyond traditional barriers, the ability to understand and move comfortably through multiple cultures and societies are increasingly necessary.

International Studies students explore international issues from a broad perspective, through a variety of means: by studying a particular area of the world in depth; by acquiring an understanding of how that area fits into a global context; by using a particular major as a base from which to explore several disciplinary approaches to another culture; by learning a language used in their geographical area of emphasis; and by the experience of living in another culture while studying it.

A degree in International Studies is appropriate for students wishing to pursue careers in law, government, business and international agencies, and provides a particularly valuable foundation for graduate study in the humanities and social sciences.

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